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Q • My angel-wing begonia leaf tips are drying up. Could you please tell me why the leaf tips turn brown and shrivel? It is also ready to bloom. A • Too wet, too dry, too much direct sun, excess fertilizer and low humidity are all possible causes for brown, drying tips on angel-wing begonias. On the plus side, however, angel-wings are durable plants and can eventually recover and grow vigorously once proper culture is restored. However, expect fairly slow recovery during the fall and winter months.

Angel-wings require bright light year round, but no direct sun in summer. A few hours of early morning or late afternoon sun is OK in winter. Providing average, warm temperatures that are comfortable for you, are fine for angel-wings. But keep them away from heat and air conditioning vents, as they resent the drafts and lower humidity levels of these locations. Keep the soil evenly moist from spring through autumn, allowing the surface to become dry to your touch between each watering. Be sure to empty the saucer promptly after watering, as failure to do so creates soggy conditions and may cause rot. Water sparingly in winter. Angel-wing foliage wilts slightly when they need a drink. Fertilize from spring through summer while active leaf growth occurs. When stems become bare and lanky, don’t be afraid to give them a hard pruning. This is best done in early spring, just prior to the onset of new growth.