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How do you remove scotch tape from a wood door?

This sounds like a sticky subject. Because scotch tape does not adhere well to wood surfaces that have not had a finish applied, I will assume that your wood door has been painted or stained. All types of tape and labels use an adhesive that is oil-soluble. Many oil-based products used around the home such as olive oil, salad dressing or mayonnaise can help dissolve the adhesive.

In a home store you can find products such as Goof Off or Goo Gone that can do the trick. I believe that the best remedy is WD-40. WD-40 will not harm wood that has been sealed, such as a painted surface. Take care not to apply WD-40 to an unfinished wood surface as the oil will seep into the pores and stain the wood.

To remove the scotch tape you will need WD-40, a damp soapy sponge and a terry cloth towel. After spraying the scotch tape with WD-40, wait 10-15 minutes to allow the lubricant to break down the adhesive. The tape will become gooey as the WD-40 dissolves the adhesive. Spray any remaining adhesive a second time. Use a terry towel to buff out any remaining glue. Finally, use a damp soapy sponge to wash away any remaining lubricant.

Dave Foster is the store manager for the Home Depot in Brentwood.

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