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Columnist Aisha Sultan writes: It would be interesting to see how many of the people up in arms about Crenshaw and Coates and “critical race theory” have ever read any of the aforementioned writers or texts.

Gov. Ron DeSantis took the unprecedented step of banning an AP course offered on African American history for violating state law. 

Advocates who work in suicide prevention say being aware of potential warning signs of suicide can be lifesaving, along with being present for those who might be having suicidal thoughts.

Last week it was McCarthy being held hostage by these extremists, but eventually, it will be all of us. Two years of chaos, crazy and gridlock will only worsen the political divides and venomous disinformation spreading in our country. I haven’t been able to muster an iota of schadenfreude over McCarthy’s well-earned misery.

Aisha Sultan writes: "Critics of the plan argue that this type of 'handout' is unfair to those who have paid off their educational loans and to those who didn't take any to begin with. I can speak to this from personal experience."


While the benefits of visiting colleges are obvious – a chance to see how you feel on the campus, talk to other students and experience the vibe – there are potential hazards.

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