Parent to Parent: Gift ideas for a virtual baby shower
Parent to Parent

Parent to Parent: Gift ideas for a virtual baby shower

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Q • My sister will be having her first baby shower in a few weeks. We have been planning it since March, but with the pandemic, our state will still be enforcing the stay-at-home and safe distancing orders, at least for large groups. We will be having a live get-together on either Zoom or maybe the new meeting place on Google. Most of us have decided to mail her gifts but a few want to leave gifts on her front porch. With everything going on, we were wondering if you and others could offer some cool ideas for baby gifts that might make her day a little more special.

From a reader • We had a baby shower for my best friend recently, and it went well. We still have a social distancing rule in place, so we reserved an outdoor area of a restaurant. The tables were quite a bit apart, but we did it under a large covered area and only had 10 people. This way we could social distance. It turned out to be quite fun, and she thought it was delightful. While she was there, her husband was installing a new washing machine, which was a big surprise for her, and we all pitched in to help pay for it. — Maddi Thomas in San Diego

From Jodie Lynn • Depending on your current social distancing guidelines, you may be able to actually have a baby shower outside by using your creativity to find how, when and where to give your sister a special one.

As far as the gifts go, it’s always a good plan to ask her for suggestions for the items that she really wants or needs.

If there are some larger, pricier products that she’s requesting, maybe a group of you can pitch in like the reader above did.

Here are a few ideas for gifts that always come in handy:

Lots of soft, short, washable bibs. As the baby gets older, longer ones are a must-have.

Super lightweight socks or booties that actually stay on without being too tight.

Board books for when the baby gets a little older that can be washed off frequently and not fall apart.

A quality baby monitoring system is essential.

Items for the baby bed and the baby’s room. For example, if she has a specific theme going, buy items that coordinate or can blend in with the theme.

A one-year subscription to a diaper service.

And of course, gift cards for Amazon or specialty baby boutiques are always a hit.

Because it’s extremely important to keep her and the baby healthy as well as the guests, if all else fails, instead of one big shower, you could have multiple smaller showers.

You could also do the virtual one now, if that’s more comfortable.

Can you help?I am a single mom of a preschooler and a kindergartner. I’m trying to teach them how to be responsible about doing certain chores. It’s not going too well, and my ex-husband thinks it’s a bad idea. I’m pretty sure he’s said something to the kids because now they’re repeating phrases that he’s probably said about them being too little to do chores. Are they? What are some chores that are good for this age?

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Jodie Lynn is an award-winning parenting columnist, author of five books and mother to three children. She and her family live in Wildwood.

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