Bianca, a 4-year-old Chihuahua, was rescued from an unfortunate situation which left her with some shyness and fearfulness of people and her surroundings. This liitle lady prefers the back of the room, away from prying eyes and people tapping on her kennel glass. Although she is timid, staff and volunteers have been working to gain her trust. Bianca requires a patient and loving person who will take time to work with her, giving her a second chance in the life she was meant and deserves to live. Her sweet nature will come out when she feels comfortable in a quiet environment with a gentle person. She will also become more confident and able to shed her fears when she experiences consistency in her life. She needs a special person who will allow her to work out her fears with no rush. Every step Bianca takes will be a milestone, and the person who adopts her will save her by providing a safe and loving forever home for the rest of her days. To adopt, apply in person at Humane Society of Missouri's Best Buddy Pet Center in Maryland Heights. Hours and directions at