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Dear Abby • A dear friend of mine, “Dirk,” died by suicide a couple of years ago. We were very close when we were young but saw each other only occasionally as adults. However, on the occasions we did get together, it always felt like we picked up where we left off.

Dear Abby • I was never close to my mother-in-law, “Agnes.” She always came across as very religious and morally upright. She recently died of dementia. It came on so fast that there were things Agnes needed to take care of but was unable to. My husband was executor of her estate, so we had …

Dear Abby • I’m responding to your request for comments about your answer to “Doggy Business” (Oct. 28). Please implore your readers not to put their dog’s poop in their neighbor’s garbage cans, even if the cans are on the street. This may seem harmless, but I live near a park and daily dog …

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