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Facebook justice: St. Louis area vigilantes trap child predators while thousands watch live online

Two St. Louis area "predator hunters" became popular online by broadcasting confrontations with suspected child predators on Facebook. But they have critics.

St. Louis halfway house for federal prisoners turns into cash cow for family that runs it

One family controls board of a nonprofit that runs Dismas House of St. Louis. The halfway house has a colorful past, and now is helping that family make millions of dollars off a federal contract. 

With fewer park employees than there are parks in St. Louis, corners get cut

The city wants your help identifying problems. But sometimes that isn’t enough. As people are poised to swarm the 109 city parks this spring and summer, spot checks by the Post-Dispatch found broken fixtures, trash and other issues that point to neglect. Forest Park, the crown jewel of the parks system, has a $115 million endowment to keep it up to snuff. In the north and south, grittier realities are at play. 


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McDermott: America's rural-urban divide is deeper than ever. Just ask the great state of Chicago.

Some rural Illinois Republicans want to expel Chicago from their state. It's one example of how partisan and ideological America's urban-rural divide has become. 

Jailed for being poor is Missouri epidemic: A series of columns from Tony Messenger

Tony Messenger has written about Missouri cases where people were charged for their time in jail or on probation, then owe more money than their fines or court costs. 

The Bronco was a link to his dad, a Marine killed in 2007. Then mom sold it. Or did she?

Her white lie meant chilly relations in their Metro East home until her surprise was revealed.

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