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McClellan: Playing out the long game

McClellan: Playing out the long game

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Somewhere beyond politics and public spectacle, there is a Ms. Big and she runs things. She stays out of sight as much as she can. She has intermediaries.

If she gave interviews, which she does not, she would say it is surprisingly easy to control events if you have enough money. You can steer things from afar.

Ms. Big does not care much about politics. She instinctively prefers policies that favor the very rich, but she is beyond caring about the specifics. Tax laws, for instance, are not a big deal. Her money is all over the place.

She is neutral on Donald Trump. Before he announced he was running for president, she had met him on a couple of occasions. She had not been particularly impressed. He had no idea, of course, who she actually was. The number who do is very small.

She has met, briefly, many prominent people from the political sphere, bigwigs from both parties, and only one was perceptive enough to sense that she was more than she appeared to be. That was Dick Cheney. When he touched her hand, he looked as if a small jolt of electricity had shot through him. Ms. Big quickly moved on, and made a point never to see him again.

She believes the biggest problem this country faces is jealousy. The 99% are jealous. They want what is not theirs. This is of increasing concern to Ms. Big because she knows that income inequality is only going to get worse. Artificial intelligence and robots and driverless vehicles are taking away more and more middle class jobs. We are headed toward an oligarchy and Ms. Big wants the transition to be as smooth as possible. What she fears even more than socialism is anarchy.

That can happen when the masses lose faith in all institutions.

Ms. Big has a plan.

She is hoping for a close election. A contested result with both candidates — and their respective followers — claiming victory. The mail-in ballots, which will be tabulated after the election day results have been announced, will give a close victory to Joe Biden. The president will claim fraud.

The matter will go to the Supreme Court. The newest justice will decline to recuse herself. The Democrats will be incensed.

Then the Court, acting quickly, will side with Biden. It will not be a close vote.

The stunning development will turn things upside down. The left will hail the “unbiased” result. The right will be furious. Well, not all of the right. A number of prominent Republicans will talk solemnly of the rule of law. The more mainstream voices of the right, which is to say, Fox News, will fall in line. So will the major voices on talk-radio. Of course, people will fall in line. They will have been spoken to. Things will have been explained.

Even the president will give up the fight. Ms. Big’s intermediaries will not go to him directly. He is considered too impulsive to know the truth. The intermediaries will speak with Jared Kushner. They will talk about the long game.

The courts are where it’s at in the long game. The oligarchy cannot hold off the masses at the ballot box. It can pour money into elections, but it can’t control them, and Ms. Big is a control freak. The courts are where the oligarchy can make its stand.

Ms. Big wants to strengthen the courts. So do the justices. It was not hard for her to steer the court’s decision. There was no need to talk to the three liberal justices. The intermediaries of Ms. Big needed to convince only two of the conservatives, and the justices are smart people. They get it.

Imagine a future of conservative decision piled upon conservative decision. And what can the left say, after falling all over themselves about the wisdom of the Supremes in the matter of the presidency?

Give up Trump in return for the apparent legitimacy of a right-wing court? That is an easy call for Ms. Big.

Besides, Biden is not a revolutionary. Ms. Big has taken his measure. He won’t make trouble. Nor is he a two-term president. He’s too old.

Ms. Big already has her eyes on a guy for 2024. He is the junior senator from Missouri, our own Josh Hawley. He’s not the showman Trump is, but he’s more stable, and he’s smarter. He appeals to the same demographic. That demographic includes gun-toters. Ms. Big prefers to have the gun-toters on her side, even if they are unaware of her existence.

Recruiters for the oligarchy first spotted Hawley at Yale. He vetted well. Dad a banker, private high school, Stanford undergrad, Yale law. When it came time to look for a job, he went to Washington, D.C., and found work at Hogan and Harston, a large British-American law firm.

That’s where a recruiter approached him. You were made for politics, the recruiter said. There was one drawback. Hawley would have to go back to Missouri. We’ll get you out as soon as we can, the recruiter promised.

Ms. Big keeps her word.

Here is an oddity. Before Ms. Big settled on Hawley as a potential president, she had been thinking about Eric Greitens. He had the most amazing resume, and like Trump and Hawley, he had the ability to represent the interests of the oligarchy while running as a populist.

Greitens and Hawley. What is it about Missouri that produces such extraordinary men? Ms. Big thinks it might have something to do with Branson. That is the only place in Missouri she has ever visited. She is a huge fan of Elvis impersonators.

Like the rest of us, she now awaits the election.

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