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World's Largest Men's Underpants

World's Largest Men's Underpants

PANTY GATE: Kara Bowlin, a spokeswoman for Mayor Francis Slay, swears she does not have the World's Largest Men's Underpants in her possession, despite what others might be saying about her ... er, them.

The "Big Galloot" brand underpants, all 8-feet of them, used to occupy some real estate in the City Museum. Museum manager Rick Erwin noticed Wednesday that they were missing from their spot on the wall outside of Beatnik Bob's and the Museum of Mirth, Mystery and Mayhem.

The last time Erwin remembers seeing the underpants was when Bowlin modeled them for a Canadian film crew a few years ago. OK, she didn't actually model them but she was working for Richard Callow's PR firm, Public Eye, at the time and the film crew wanted someone to stand in the pair of men's briefs to show how large they were.

Bowlin was young and new to the job so Callow sent her on the call. He said today that she came back nearly in tears.

When they turned up missing, Erwin tweeted about it and Callow shot back that the museum ought to check out Bowlin. Bowlin said she had no idea where the giant tightie whities had gone and suggested underwear gnomes.

Deborah Peterson is an editorial writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.