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Graduation cap, books

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Now here's a list that should create some spirited debate around the public houses:

What are the best private high schools in STL?

Before we get ready and set to argue, note that the rankings were compiled by Niche, a Pittsburgh-based website that analyzes public data and reviews to produce rankings for U.S. schools and neighborhoods.

Their pick for the top spot in our mighty metro was none other than John Burroughs, the Ladue school that also happens to be the alma mater of STL's No. 1 celeb Jon Hamm.

Following that school were the Thomas Jefferson School (with less than 100 students) at No. 2, and then MICDS (Mary Institute and Country Day) at No. 3.

Those three schools also were the only ones to earn an A+ ranking from the website.

Coming in after the gold-silver-bronze set (Nos. 4-10) were: Priory School; St. Louis University High School; Whitfield School; Visitation Academy; Cor Jesu Academy; Chaminade College Preparatory High; and Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill Academy.

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