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Trooper rear-ended

A Missouri Highway Patrol trooper in this vehicle was rear-ended by a suspected drunken driver early on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018, according to the patrol. Image courtesy of the patrol.

When it comes to driving, Missouri is hitting the skids.

While not having an abysmal ranking in any one of five categories, Missouri's overall poor showing in those five placed us at No. 10 for the worst states in the U.S.

The list from Car Insurance Comparison noted that because the Show-Me motorists had not been in its top 10 since 2014, "it’s disappointing to see Missouri drivers have taken a turn for the worst."

It goes on to explain: "The 'Show-Me State' doesn’t have one specific category it did horribly in, but it’s consistently ranked in the worst half of the United States in all five categories in this study."

Our worst showing was in failure to obey traffic laws, No. 13.

Missouri was No. 15 when it came to speeding; No. 19 for traffic fatalities, No. 23 for careless driving and No. 24 for drunken driving.

None of our neighboring states finished as poorly as we did: Oklahoma (11); Kentucky (21); Arkansas (26); Tennessee (31); Kansas (34); Illinois (36); and Iowa (48).

The worst state to drive in was deemed to be Alaska, and the best motoring state was Minnesota. 

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