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If you speak Irish — and not just the occasional "Erin go bragh" or "slainte" on St. Patrick's Day — St. Louis University's Kevin Scannell is here to help.

A computer science professor, Scannell will spend six months in Ireland next year to research and develop computing resources for the Irish language.

And Scannell is getting help from the Fulbright Scholarship program, which funds postgraduate study, research and teaching in 155 countries.

Scannell wants to make it easier for Irish speakers, without having to switch to English, to go online to access spelling and grammar checkers, dictionaries and virtual assistants like "Siri" or "Alexa."

“Irish is the first official language in Ireland even though it is only spoken daily by about 70,000 people,' he said in a statement.

Starting in 2020, Scannell will work with the Academy of Irish Language University Education in County Galway, where many residents use Irish as their everyday language. He also will work to develop similar resources for other Celtic languages, such as Scottish and Manx Gaelic.

Scannell has been at SLU since 1998 and is director of the graduate program for computer science and software engineering.

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