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ST. LOUIS -- A homeowner wasn't buying the excuses of two men who came to his door early Thursday.

First, they said someone was trying to tamper with the homeowner's car. Then, they asked for a jumpstart to their own car. And finally, they asked for a drink of water.

Distrustful of what he was hearing, the homeowner in the 2600 block of James Cool Papa Bell Avenue waved off each story and tried to shut the door.

As he was trying to get the door shut for the last time, one of the men on his doorstep reached in with a gun and started firing, about 5:40 a.m. Thursday.

But the 49-year-old resident had a quick answer for that. He was armed, too, and fired back.

He hit one of the would-be intruders in the abdomen. That suspect, 27, was captured by police who found him seriously hurt and hiding behind a home a few blocks away.

The second man got away.

Charges are expected against the wounded man who tried to break in and opened fire. Police say they won't release his name until charges are filed.

Police said the homeowner's actions appeared justified and he wasn't arrested. But as is routine, their investigation goes to prosecutors, who decide if the homeowner is in the clear.


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