ST. LOUIS COUNTY • A Bel-Ridge man was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday for assaulting a girl younger than 14 years old, according to court documents.

Marlowe Scruggs, 48, of the 2900 block of Alger Avenue, was found guilty in St. Louis County Circuit Court of enticement of a child and child molestation in the first degree. He was charged in June 2018 for an assault that occurred in August 2017 in Webster Groves.

The court found Scruggs to be a "predatory sexual offender," noting this was not his first offense. Scruggs was released from prison in March 2017 after serving time for a statutory rape in Jennings. 

In addition to his life sentence, with parole possible in 20 years, Scruggs also received 15 years for enticement of a child, to be served concurrently with his life sentence. 

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