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CHESTERFIELD • A Chesterfield police officer used a secret camera to take close-up video images of a teenage boy's genitals while he detained and searched the boy, authorities say.

That is the latest allegation in the case against David Cerna, who was fired from the Chesterfield Police Department after six years on the job. A St. Louis County grand jury handed down its indictment this week. An arraignment on the new charges is set for Oct. 22.

Cerna, 33, was charged back in June with invasion of privacy in St. Louis and St. Charles counties. Authorities say he had installed a camera in a men's restroom at a gas station and lured anonymous sex partners to his home through Craigslist ads.

Then, this most recent round of allegations surfaced, involving the teen boy and other male victims. He was charged in August with sexual exploitation of a minor and second-degree invasion of privacy of multiple people, and the grand jury's indictment was filed Wednesday.

Between Aug. 1, 2013, and Jan. 21, 2014, Cerna allegedly used a secret camera to videotape the boy and two other males under their clothing. Court records allege it happened at Clarkson Road in the city of Chesterfield. The sexual exploitation charge alleges that on Jan. 21 of this year he created child pornography of the teen by filming his genitals with a hidden camera.

Police got a search warrant and seized Cerna's computer. They found videos on it, showing several male victims being searched while Cerna detained them in Chesterfield, officials say. After viewing the videos, investigators were able to figure out who the victims were; the victims, in turn, have identified Cerna as the officer who searched them, police say.

Cerna lives in the 4000 block of Jessica Drive in Wentzville.

In the earlier case, Chesterfield police said, Cerna collected videos from a spy camera he installed in a men’s restroom at the Mobil On The Run gas station on Clarkson Road south of Chesterfield Mall. Some of those videos and dozens more taped with sex partners at his home in Wentzville were hosted on his porn website.

The investigation stemmed from reporting by Post-Dispatch partner Fox 2 News, whose reporter, Chris Hayes, made police aware of the video camera on May 30.

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