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Joshua Voyles

Fenton Mayor Joshua Voyles

FENTON • An allegation that Mayor Joshua Voyles initially misled police about his involvement in a hit-and-run accident is set to be discussed at a Board of Aldermen meeting next week.

Alderman Bob Brasses, who is challenging Voyles in the April 2 mayoral election, said Thursday he requested the matter be placed on the agenda of the board’s meeting Thursday.

Voyles, 37, was questioned by St. Louis County police early Dec. 16 after a man called to report that someone had driven off after hitting the rear driver’s side of his Dodge Ram pickup about 1:15 a.m. as it sat in his driveway in the 1200 block of Valiant Drive.

The man followed a tan pickup he saw driving away — it left a trail of leaking fluid in its wake — to Voyles’ house around the corner in the 300 block of Fury Drive, according to a police report.

The tan truck was parked in Voyles’ driveway and leaking oil, with damage to its passenger side wheel well, front bumper and headlight.

Voyles answered the door when a police officer knocked about 1:40 a.m. and told the officer he didn’t know his truck had been damaged, the report said. He also said he’d been drinking earlier with friends at the Hotshots bar on South Highway Drive in Fenton, and that a friend had driven him home and another friend named Jack had driven his truck back to his house.

But when the officer asked for Jack’s last name, phone number or address, Voyles allegedly responded, “I really don’t know more than his first name.”

The officer wrote that Voyles smelled of alcohol and that his speech was slurred and “disorganized,” which made it difficult to get an accurate or detailed statement.

Because Voyles was inside his house, and not behind the wheel, the officer didn’t test his blood-alcohol level.

Police later reviewed surveillance footage from Hotshots, but found “nothing of value,” the report says. Police also checked with neighbors to see if any had security videos from that night, also without success.

A few days later, when interviewed again by police, Voyles said some “dude” who he thought was a friend brought his truck home. He eventually confessed to the hit-and-run, telling officers that “he was scared and nothing like this has happened to him before,” according to the report. He said he ran into the rear of the Dodge Ram and panicked, and that he “felt horrible and was sorry for what had happened” and wanted to make everything right. Officers told him to contact his insurance company.

The owner of the Ram said that if his truck was fixed, he would not seek prosecution against Voyles for leaving the scene of the crash. Police closed the case after confirming with Voyles’ insurance company on Jan. 17 that the Ram was undergoing about $5,100 in repairs.

Voyles on Thursday described the accident as “a personal matter” and said he’ll be at the board meeting next week.

“I admit I made a mistake,” he said. “I owned up to it and apologized, and have been doing everything I can to make it right.”

Brasses said Fenton residents have been asking questions about what happened.

“We need to investigate and see whether we should take action,” he said.

No vote will be taken at the meeting, Brasses said. The matter is set to be discussed under the miscellaneous portion of the agenda.

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