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Veterans Administration

The John Cochran Division Veterans Medical Center, photographed on Monday, June 9, 2014, is located at 915 North Grand Boulevard in St. Louis. Photo by Christian Gooden,

ST. LOUIS • A former supervisor at the John Cochran Veterans Administration Medical Center in St. Louis pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge Tuesday and admitted taking kickbacks for steering about $270,000 in work to co-conspirators, prosecutors said.

Tony Pedretti, 43, now of Whiting, Ind., was the HVAC foreman at the time, with the authority to agree to contracts of up to $2,500 without approval, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors say Pedretti worked with outside contractors Scott Geary and Geary's stepson, David Graham.

Between Oct. 19, 2012, and April 9, 2015, Geary worked as a contractor and was also a VA employee for part of the time, prosecutors said. Geary recruited Graham, who then kicked money back to both Pedretti and Geary from April 1, 2014, to April 20, 2015, prosecutors said.

In all, prosecutors said about $270,000 worth of work went to Pedretti's co-conspirators.

Geary, then 54, of DeSoto, pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge in December and awaits sentencing.

Graham, who was indicted with Pedretti in January, has pleaded not guilty.

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