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FRANKLIN COUNTY — A man from Franklin County placed a hidden camera in the dressing rooms of area stores and in a woman’s bathroom, charges filed Tuesday say.

Gabriel Trevino, 34, was charged in U.S. District Court with production of child pornography, and he appeared briefly at a court hearing Friday. His lawyer waived a hearing at which she could have opposed a government request to hold him in jail until trial.

Charging documents say Trevino placed a picture frame with a hidden camera in the bathroom of a female acquaintance. The woman found the picture frame on Monday, confronted Trevino and then brought it to a friend who owns a computer store, according to an affidavit filed in court by Adam Kavanaugh, a task force officer with the FBI.

The woman told investigators that she believed the picture frame had been there for a week.

Investigators later discovered that children had been recorded in the nude about 20 times, Kavanaugh wrote.

Trevino denied producing child porn in an interview with investigators at the Washington Police Department. But he admitted that he owned the picture frame, had placed it in the bathroom and recorded activities there knowing children used that bathroom, Kavanaugh wrote. Trevino also had numerous videos on his laptop that he created by placing the picture frame in dressing rooms in “various local stores,” Kavanaugh wrote, including one with a “small nude child.”

The stores are not named in charging documents. Hidden camera picture frames are widely available online, often advertised as nannycams.

Washington police have opened an investigation but are awaiting copies of the dressing room videos from the FBI, Sgt. Steve Sitzes told the Post-Dispatch Friday.

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