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'I just want to know the truth': Loved ones of man shot by police mourn

Steven Day stands with his 11-year-old daughter Kailey Walker at her fifth-grade graduation ceremony. Day was fatally shot by police on Oct. 20.

Photo courtesy of Kristy Walker

ST. LOUIS — Steven Day, the man shot and killed by police early Sunday, was “not a thug,” did not use drugs and had no problems with police, the mother of his 11-year-old daughter said on Tuesday.

“He was a man who would go to work every day, supporting his family right,” said Kristy Walker, 29. “He was the best father my daughter could ever ask for.”

Walker met Day when they were both teenagers, she said. Day was laid back and goofy, Walker said, and even when she would get mad at him, he was never the type to argue back. Walker said Day worked most recently as an engineer, though she wasn’t sure where or what kind.

Walker said her daughter is in shock and searching for answers, reading news stories and Facebook comments about the shooting.

“She’s this amazing little girl and she doesn’t deserve for her father to not be a part of her life,” Walker said. “It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Day, 30, was fatally shot Sunday in north St. Louis, after police say he ran from and then pointed a gun at them.

Police said officers had attempted to pull over a car for a traffic violation near North Florissant and St. Louis avenues. The car evaded them, crashing near the 1200 block of Clinton Street.

Day ran from police, officials said, and he refused to take his hand out of his pocket. An officer tried to use a stun gun on Day, but when that didn’t work, Day pulled out a gun and pointed it at police, officials said.

An officer fired at Day several times, hitting him in the torso.

Police said they found a 9 mm pistol at the scene of the shooting and suspected drugs in Day’s car.

Walker said she’s never known Day to have a gun like the one police are saying they found and doesn’t believe he would point a gun at police. She and Day’s family are still searching for answers.

Criminal background searches for Day turn up a misdemeanor in St. Louis County for driving without a license and a seat belt violation in 2010, and a warrant issued for failing to register a vehicle in 2018 as well as a second charge for driving without a valid license in Charlack, but no drug-related charges.

“Stevie was a good guy,” Walker said. “He’s not somebody out here ripping and running the streets. He had kids. He had something to live for.”

“I just want to know the truth,” Walker said.

Police declined to comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

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