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JEFFERSON CITY • The Missouri Supreme Court sided with pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG on Tuesday, ruling that women suing the company over a birth control device had yet to illustrate why Missouri courts had jurisdiction in the case.

Ninety-two women sued the company in St. Louis Circuit Court in 2016, alleging damaging effects from the contraceptive device, which is implanted into a woman's fallopian tubes.

Bayer has argued that because 85 of the women don't live in Missouri, and that because the company is not based here, Missouri courts do not have jurisdiction.

According to the ruling, attorneys for the women intend to file an amended petition boosting their side's assertion that Missouri courts can take on the case.

The St. Louis Circuit Court overruled Bayer's motion to dismiss last year, and an appeals court sided with the circuit court.

But in a unanimous decision Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled Missouri courts do not have jurisdiction in the case and ordered the circuit court to vacate its prior decision. The judges said the lower court can weigh whether to consider the amended petition from the plaintiffs.

Bayer is in the midst of a $63.5 billion takeover of Creve Coeur-based Monsanto. The company has faced increasing controversy over Essure, and stopped selling the device in all countries besides the United States in September.

Jack Suntrup covers state government and politics for the Post-Dispatch.