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The man fatally shot by a police officer in a St. Paul, Minn., suburb Wednesday night was originally from St. Louis.

Philando Castile’s aunt, Shirley Graves, said she last saw Castile a few years ago at a family reunion in St. Louis.

He was not at another reunion held in St. Louis last weekend, she said.

He moved from the St. Louis area as a boy, she said.

According to police, the incident began when an officer pulled over a vehicle around 9 p.m. Wednesday in Falcon Heights, a St. Paul suburb.

A video taken by Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, who also was in the car, shows Castile’s white T-shirt soaked in blood, a police officer at the window with a gun pointed at Castile. Reynolds’ small child was in the back seat.

Castile, 32, of St. Paul, was a cafeteria supervisor at a Montessori school.

Graves, who lives in St. Louis, said she found out about the shooting last night from Castile’s mother, Valerie Castile.

The news has been too much to process, she said.

“I’m not ready to talk about it,” she said Thursday morning. “We’re just normal people with normal reactions to things.”

Clarence Castile, Philando’s uncle, wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday: “I don’t know what to say. ... My nephew is gone at the hands of the police.”

Clarence Castillo is from St. Louis and now lives in St. Paul.

He appeared on CNN Thursday morning with Valerie Castile.

She said the police officer “took a very good person. Everybody that knows my son knows that he is a laid back, quiet individual that works hard every day.”

When he wasn’t working, he enjoyed staying at home and playing video games, she said.

“He’s not a gangbanger. He’s not a thug,” Valerie Castile said.

“He’s very respectable and I know he didn’t antagonize that officer in any way to make him feel like his life was in danger.”

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