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ST. CHARLES — A man admitted Thursday to charges of breaking into his father and stepmother's St. Charles home last Christmas Eve and setting fires there to send them "a message."

Timothy Kloeppel

Timothy Kloeppel was charged in St. Charles County with breaking into and trying to set his parents' home on fire on Christmas Eve.

On Thursday, Timothy M. Kloeppel, 39, pleaded guilty to felony counts of burglary and arson and received a five-year suspended sentence and probation, court records say. Each of the charges was reduced to second degree from first degree. Kloeppel's sentence includes substance abuse and mental health evaluations or treatment. He is also barred from consuming alcohol and illegal drugs.

Charges filed last year said that Kloeppel started fires in his family's home and garage about 2 a.m. Dec. 24, 2018. When questioned by police, Kloeppel admitted starting the garage fire by igniting magazines with a lighter to send “a message to his stepmother to ‘stop building fires’ between him and his father.”

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