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ST. LOUIS — Police on Monday identified the man shot and killed by an officer the day before as Steven Day, 30, of St. Louis.

Early Sunday morning, two police officers tried to pull over a car for a traffic violation near North Florissant and St. Louis avenues. The car sped away but crashed near the 1200 block of Clinton Street. Day ran, police said.

When officers caught up with Day, he had his hand in his pocket and refused to take it out, police said. An officer tried to stun Day with his Taser, but was unsuccessful. Day then pulled a weapon from his pocket and pointed it at the officer, police said. The officer drew his gun and fired several times, hitting Day in the torso.

Police recovered a loaded 9 mm pistol at the scene of the shooting, and found drugs in Day's car, police said.

The officer who shot Day has 13 years of experience with the police department and is 39 years old. The other officer is 28 and has been with the department for three years.

The Force Investigation Unit is investigating the shooting.

Day lived in the 1400 block of 16th Street, police said.

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