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LINCOLN COUNTY — The Missouri Supreme Court on Monday rejected an attempt by the elected circuit clerk here  to win back her job .

In a single short sentence, the court denied Circuit Clerk Karla Allsberry's attempt to block her removal by Presiding Circuit Judge Patrick Flynn. There was no written explanation and Flynn's lawyer, Charles Billings, said he did not expect one.

Flynn and two other judges voted in January to strip Allsberry of the authority to hire and fire clerk's office employees and submit a budget. In May, she sued those three judges and a panel of other judges who upheld the vote. 10 days later, Flynn ordered Allsberry out of her office and announced that he'd appointed a temporary replacement due to her "indefinite unavailability."

Flynn claimed in court filings that Allsberry "had knowingly and willfully failed to perform certain duties of her office and committed misfeasance and malfeasance." She rejected those claims and lodged her own against Flynn, saying he was trying to nullify the election and supported her opponent.

Allsberry said in a statement Tuesday, “Though I am still the elected circuit clerk and no court at any level has held a hearing on the matter, I remain barred from entering the Justice Center. Circuit clerks and others across the state are very alarmed at what is happening here. The citizens and voters are also victims. We continue to seek a legal remedy for this gross injustice.”

Billings said the Supreme Court would not issue a written opinion unless "there's precedential value or there is something to be gained or learned from their opinion.” He said the court must have looked at the filings from both sides and decided that they were adequate and that they did not need hearings.

It is the second time the court rejected Allsberry's appeal.

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