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ST. CHARLES COUNTY — A North County Police Cooperative officer is on administrative leave after being charged with a felony in a domestic violence report. 

Matthew Pyle, 27, of St. Peters, was charged Thursday with one count of domestic assault. He is accused of punching the mother of his 5-year-old child on June 14, according to a probable cause statement. 

The woman said she did not initially report the injuries because she feared for her life.

Their child told an official he saw Pyle punching his mother in the head and heart, the probable cause statement said. 

Pyle and his child's mother told different versions of what happened to an O'Fallon Police Department detective. 

According to the woman, Pyle showed up at her home intoxicated, and they got into an argument because she was talking to another man. 

The woman said the argument became physical after Pyle told her he wanted to shoot and kill her, douse her body with gasoline and watch her burn. 

She said Pyle then started punching her in the face and head and choked her until she became unconscious. 

The probable cause statement cited photos of bruises on the woman's temple, eye, chin and neck. 

Pyle told detectives that on the night of June 14, he was not intoxicated and he did not "hit, punch, assault or restrain" her. 

Questioned about the pictures of her injuries, Pyle stated he did not know how she got them but that she "was not assaulted" when he left the house. 

A warrant was issued Thursday, with Pyle's bail being set at $25,000.

Court documents state that Pyle is not allowed to contact the woman.

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