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Joni Janis (left) and Timothy Janis

Joni Janis, left and her husband Timothy Janis were sentenced to prison in 2019 after admitting to charges drug possession and abandoning a woman's body.

ST. LOUIS  The parents of a Waterloo woman found dead in St. Louis after a Mardi Gras party in 2017 are seeking at least $25,000 from the couple who later admitted dumping the woman's body along a highway.

Lee and Cynthia Whitcher filed a wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday in St. Louis Circuit Court accusing Joni and Timothy Janis of negligence. The suit alleges the couple failed to seek medical treatment for Kierstin Whitcher, 26, who suffered a diabetic coma from ingesting drugs and later died.

Joni, 39, and Timothy Janis, 42, this year admitted to charges of abandoning Whitcher's body along a highway in St. Louis instead of calling authorities. They were each sentenced to two years in prison.

They were charged when police found a diary belonging to Joni Janis in which she explained why she and others dumped Whitcher's body after discovering she had died in their home.

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Joni Janis

Joni Janis, of St. Louis, whose diary entry about doing the "disturbing task" of dumping a woman's body 2½ years ago led to her being charged, will spend up to two years in prison. She pleaded guilty in September 2019.

Timothy Janis

Timothy Janis was sentenced to two years in prison for helping dump a woman's dead body in 2018.

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