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BELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORS • A man who gunned down his roommate’s boyfriend, then fatally shot himself in the basement of his home Wednesday has been identified as Bruce G. Reinhold.

Police disclosed Reinhold's name Sunday after notifying relatives.

Bellefontaine Neighbors police Detective Lt. Shawn Applegate said officers believe Reinhold cut power to his home, on Shepley Drive, Wednesday night. Reinhold's female roommate, who had been helping him with cooking and errands because of a medical issue, went to check on him after the lights went off.

He hit her with the barrel of a gun, then fatally shot the woman's boyfriend, authorities said. The woman, who was not seriously injured, called police. Reinhold, 61, killed himself in the basement as officers closed in, police said.

Applegate had previously identified the slain boyfriend as Adrian Settles Sr., 31, of St. Louis.

Police have not been able to determine a motive for the killing.

The home is between Bellefontaine Road and Lilac Avenue, near Riverview Gardens High School.

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