ST. CHARLES COUNTY — St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar issued a public apology Wednesday to his former girlfriend, St. Charles County Associate Circuit Judge Erin Burlison, stating, in part, that he’s sorry for any harm he may have caused her.

“I sincerely apologize to Judge Erin Burlison for my conduct,” Lohmar said in a statement. “I acknowledge that my actions were irresponsible, and I am taking necessary steps for self-improvement. I am truly sorry to have caused pain to Ms. Burlison, her family, and others who may have been affected.”

In response, Burlison released a statement later on Wednesday: “I appreciate that Mr. Lohmar acknowledged his irresponsible actions. I believe we all are ready to move on from this unfortunate situation.”

The Missouri attorney general’s office investigated a harassment allegation involving Lohmar at the request of O’Fallon police Chief Tim Clothier.

The chief said he requested the outside agency investigate the matter given how closely his department works with Lohmar’s office and to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest.

The attorney general’s office then asked the Missouri Highway Patrol to conduct the investigation.

O’Fallon police records requested by the Post-Dispatch show an Aug. 17 call to police reporting alleged harassment at Burlison’s address. Police declined to release the report of the incident, citing an open investigation.

Lohmar’s attorney, Travis Noble, said Lohmar had been in a “lengthy, serious relationship” with Burlison until this year. Noble said it was a mutual decision to end the relationship. Noble declined to elaborate on Lohmar’s actions.

Burlison is a judge for the Family Courts, which does not oversee criminal cases that Lohmar’s office prosecutes.

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