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ST. LOUIS •  A man from St. Louis County is facing a federal machine gun charge after federal agents say he bought conversion kits from China that convert Glock pistols into fully automatic weapons.

Garnell August Carter, 19, was arrested Wednesday and charged in U.S. District Court with being a felon in possession of a machine gun.

Agents learned last fall that a Chinese website was offering conversion kits that would make any Glock pistol fire multiple rounds with a single pull of the trigger, making them qualify as machine guns under federal law, according to an affidavit from Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Special Agent Brock Gale filed in support of the charge.

Agents bought four to test them, then sought records of others who also made purchases.

Gale wrote that Carter's PayPal account was used to buy 13 of the conversion kits, which are also known as selector switches, auto sears and fire selector systems.

They searched his room on Wednesday and found six of the devices, Gale wrote, and Carter admitted buying four. Court documents say Carter is suspected of selling or giving away some of the other devices to others.

No lawyer is yet listed for Carter.

Carter was sentenced to five years of probation in August on charges of tampering with a vehicle, resisting arrest and speeding after leading the Missouri Highway Patrol on a chase in St. Charles County in a stolen car on Feb. 15, 2018, court records show.

A photo of Carter was not available.

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