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CLAYTON   •   St. Louis County police have released surveillance video and still images of suspected looters taken inside a gas station shortly after the announcement of the grand jury's decision in the Michael Brown shooting.

The police department is seeking the public's help in identifying the suspects. The cameras caught 28 people burglarizing the Phillips 66 gas station near Dellwood at 1955 Chambers Road, according to the department's Facebook page.

Detectives determined that looters shattered the front door. From there, numerous people entered the business and burglarized it, police said.

St. Louis County police Sgt. Brian Schellman said detectives are investigating reports that dozens of businesses were vandalized or burglarized in addition to 24 arsons. He said detectives have numerous surveillance images to sift through, and first try to identify suspects on their own. 

"Detectives doing an investigation sometimes run into dead ends," he said. "We're just looking for the public's help to identify some of these individuals."

He expects his department will be releasing additional footage and images from surveillance cameras in the coming weeks as more becomes available.

"They take each single burglary case individually, and that's why we posted this one because the first images are pretty clear," he said.

Anyone with information can contact the St. Louis County Police or CrimeStoppers at 866-371-8477.

Here is a list of about 30 burglaries St. Louis County police are investigating:

Nov. 24:

• Family Dollar, 12115 Bellefontaine Road

• Conoco-Dellwood, 10280 West Florissant Road

• Toys R Us-Ferguson, 10895 West Florissant Road

• Crazy Deals, 11066 New Halls Ferry Road

• Dollar General, 10060 Halls Ferry Road

• Micky's, 11105 Old Halls Ferry Road

• Walgreens, 12400 Old Halls Ferry Road

• Dollar General, 6855 Parker Road

• Phillips 66-Dellwood, 1409 Chambers Road

• Dellwood Market, 1620 Chambers Road

• Walgreens-Dellwood, 10000 West Florissant Road

• Midwest Petro-Dellwood, 1955 Chambers Road

• O'Reilly-Dellwood, 9811 West Florissant Road

• Midwest Petro-uni, 12188 Bellefontaine Road

• Complete Auto, 10100 West Florissant Road

• Dollar General, 12227 Bellefontaine Road

• Landmark Animal, 6855 Parker Road

• Edward Jones, 3837 Vaile Avenue

• Tender Headz-Dellwood, 10456 West Florissant Road

Family Dollar, 11125 Belleftonaine Road

• Reheboth Pharmacy, 9944 West Florissant Road

• Zisser Tire-Dellwood, 9990 West Florissant Road

• Royal Furniture-Dellwood, 10132 West Florissant Road

Nov. 25:

• Walgreens-Dellwood, 10000 West Florissant Road

• Tax Service, 10093 West Florissant Road

• Cash For Gold-Dellwood, 10101 West Florissant Road

• London and Sons-Dellwood, 1412 Chambers Road

Nov. 26:

• Energy Express-Dellwood, 1409 Chambers Road

Here is a list of 24 arsons under investigation ignited Nov. 24 and Nov. 25:

• Metro PC , 9161 West Florissant Road

• Sams Meat Market, 9241 West Florissant Road

• Public Storage, 9291 West Florissant Road

• Hunan Chop Suey, 9806 West Florissant Road

• O'Reilly's Auto Parts, 9811 West Florissant Road

• Title Max, 9814 West Florissant Road

• Reds BBQ, 9300 West Florissant Road

• Advance Auto Parts, 9846 West Florissant Road

• Fashions R Boutique, 9844 West Florissant Road

• AutoZone, 9947 West Florissant Road

• New York Grill, 9901 West Florissant Road

• Prime Beauty, 1475 Chambers Road

• Conoco, 10280 West Florissant Road

• Auto Buy Credit, 14 cars burned, 10250 West Florissant Road

• Flood Christian Church, 7413 West Florissant Road

• Hidden Treasure, 220B North Florissant Road

• Family Dollar, 10809 New Halls Ferry Road

• Two police cars, South Florissant Road and Oliver Avenue

• Meineke (fireworks in trash can), 402 South Florissant Road

• The Salon and Spa (rear door), 600 South Florissant Road

• St Louis Fish and Chicken, 200 North Florissant Road

• Ferguson Market, 9101 West Florissant Road

• Walgreens (two separate fires), 190 North Florissant Road

• Wabash Park Office (Molotov through window), 501 North Florissant Road

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