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ST. LOUIS — Police fired a shot at a suspect — but missed — after the suspect ran toward St. Louis police officers with a gun in his hand.

The suspect, 24, then dropped the gun and ran, police say. Officers caught him after a short chase, used a Taser, and arrested him.

It all began when officers tried to make a traffic stop about noon on Wednesday.

Police had been patrolling the Mark Twain neighborhood when they saw a dark gray Honda Accord that had fled from officers several times before, police said. The officers tried to stop the Honda. But the driver sped off.

Police used a device to flatten the Honda's tires at Kingshighway and Lillian Avenue. Even with flattened tires, the Honda kept going and ended up in the Penrose neighborhood.

The suspect abandoned the car near Marcus and Anderson avenues and ran into an alley in the 4600 block of Anderson, police said. The officers confronted the man in the alley. He was armed with an AR15-style semiautomatic weapon, police said.

A 42-year-old St. Louis policeman fired one shot at the suspect as the suspect ran toward the officers with the gun, police said. The suspect wasn't hit. He dropped his weapon and ran off, police said.

When police caught up with him, he continued to resist so the same officer who had fired his gun used his Taser to arrest the man.

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The officer, who has been on the St. Louis Police Department for more than 10 years, was not hurt, police say. An officer helping with the arrest suffered injuries to his hands and a knee.

The suspect was treated at a hospital and released to police custody.

Police said they recovered the fully loaded gun,  and what they think are narcotics. The Honda he was driving was stolen from St. Louis County on Oct. 16.

Police on Thursday did  not identify the officer who fired the shot or the suspect who was arrested.

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