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ST. LOUIS • A federal grand jury here on Wednesday added new charges against an "urban Rambo" who has been accused of stockpiling guns, bombs and booby traps for mass attacks on law enforcement.

David Michael Hagler, 53, was already facing a machine gun possession charge. Late Wednesday, he was indicted on four new charges: two charges of making false statements during the purchase of a gun, one charge of possession of firearms after having been convicted of a domestic assault misdemeanor and one charge of possession of firearms by a marijuana user. The false statements charge relate to gun purchases in 2010 and 2013, the indictment says.

Hagler pleaded not guilty to those charges Thursday morning, at a hearing that was originally set to discuss Hagler's legal challenges to the evidence in the case. That challenge has now been postponed.

Hagler's lawyers say that claims by confidential informers working for law enforcement were overblown and not supported by the evidence collected in a March 26 raid of his house

The informers claimed that Hagler had discussed plans to kill police and his ex-wife, had tunneled between his two houses in the 1100 block of Howell Street, and had stockpiled explosives and booby traps.

But after the daylong search found no evidence of many of those things, Hagler lawyer Matt Radefeld said the informers’ statements played a vital role in a search warrant for the property and the decision to hold Hagler in jail without bail. Radefeld dismissed Hagler's statements as "just talk."

In a court motion, U.S. Attorney John Ware wrote that even without the disputed claims, there was "ample probable cause" for the search and that the claims were not false simply because some items were not found months later.