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ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis woman accused of robbing a bank while on probation for fentanyl possession and stealing an investigator's gun has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Latoca Lashai Davis, 29, received a four-year prison term Friday from Circuit Judge Timothy Boyer, who found her guilty in July of a felony stealing, reduced from first-degree robbery.

Latoca Davis

Latoca Davis was sentenced to four years in prison after she was found guilty in July of felony stealing. She admitted to robbing a bank on North Kingshighway in December 2018. She previously pleaded guilty to stealing an investigator's pistol while filing a complaint against police with the Civilian Oversight Board. She also pleaded guilty to drug possession.

The bundle included GPS devices, which helped police track a home where she was staying in the 4300 block of Dryden Court, charges said. 

Last year, Davis received three years of probation after pleading guilty to stealing and drug possession. Police found fentanyl in her car during a December 2017 traffic stop. She also admitted stealing a Sig Sauer semiautomatic pistol from a bag in an investigator’s office at 1520 Market Street.

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The theft took place July 27, 2017, when Davis had gone there to lodge an undisclosed complaint against police with the city’s Civilian Oversight Board.

Davis’ lawyer, Robert Taaffe, said her sentence was the “proper result under the circumstances.”

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