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Driver plows into crowd on East St. Louis street

A screen grab from a video taken June 27 in East St. Louis.

EAST ST. LOUIS • A video taken in June by a bystander that shows a motorist plowing into a crowd of people on an East St. Louis street has been played repeatedly on social media. It even got national airplay on a Fox News program.

When St. Clair County State's Attorney Brendan Kelly saw the video, he decided to find out why East St. Louis police had never come to his office to seek charges against the driver — nearly two months after the incident.

So Kelly said he "questioned and cut through the delays" with the city's new police chief. The chief, Michael Hubbard, was appointed Aug. 17 — the third police chief in three weeks for the beleaguered city. 

Hubbard responded immediately, Kelly said. Hubbard submitted the case to Kelly's office for review, and the motorist was charged Tuesday. 

Moesha Allen, of East St. Louis, was driving the Pontiac Sunfire that plowed into the crowd, hitting four people on June 27, charges allege. She was not in custody today, and the U.S. Marshal's office is looking for her. She lives in the 1200 block of McCasland Avenue in East St. Louis.

Allen's 19th birthday is today.

Nine charges filed against Allen include aggravated battery and leaving the scene of an injury accident.

Police say the altercation stemmed from an incident earlier in the day between a group of girls at the St. Clair Square Mall in Fairview Heights, police say. Police have said that Allen wasn't involved in the fight but went to help a friend of a friend's sister.

The incident happened in the 500 block of 15th Street, near Lincoln Park. It was captured on video by a bystander. The video shows four people, with their backs to the car, flying up onto the hood as the car sped into them. The three females and one male who were hit had scrapes and bruises but escaped serious injury, police say.

The victims are Shandreka Stuckey, Donovan Brady, Shekeia Davison, and a female identified only by the initials N.M, because she is a minor at 17.

In early July, then-Police Chief Michael Floore said detectives had interviewed all of the victims and witnesses and knew who the suspected driver was. In fact, police asked the public for help in finding Allen, whose name they spelled as Moeshia Allen at the time. But the case hadn't come to Kelly's office for charges against her.

Anyone with information about Allen's whereabouts is asked to call the U.S. Marshal’s Service at 618-482-9236.

Kim Bell is a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.