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ST. LOUIS — As carjackings outpace last year’s total in St. Louis, the latest victims are a woman and 9-year-old boy whose car was taken at gunpoint Tuesday morning in the city’s Dutchtown neighborhood.

Neither victim was hurt, and no shots were fired, police said. Two men pointed guns at the 27-year-old woman and stole her 2015 Kia. It happened just before 6:15 a.m. Tuesday in the 3800 block of Minnesota Avenue, south of Chippewa Street.

Police have made no arrests. Police did not release a detailed description of either gunman.

The carjacking was the latest in a rash of such crimes. There were two Sunday morning, one Monday morning and three Monday night. One of the carjacking victims had left a firearm in the car that was taken.

The St. Louis Police Department said there had been 262 carjackings entered into the city’s database for 2019. The data, as of Monday morning, wouldn’t have included the four since, police said. With that count, the city is averaging nearly one carjacking a day.

At this time last year, the city had 251 carjackings, according to statistics released by St. Louis police. In all of 2018, there were 350 carjackings in St. Louis, police said.

At least 14 of this year’s carjackings in St. Louis have been in the Dutchtown neighborhood, the scene of Tuesday morning’s crime on Minnesota Avenue. This same time last year, there had been nine carjackings in Dutchtown. Other neighborhoods with high numbers include Wells-Goodfellow and Baden with at least 13 carjackings each this year, and the West End with 10.

The city police department said its crime-fighting efforts to curtail carjackings include being part of a carjacking task force that formed in 2016. In addition, Police Chief John Hayden hands out flyers at his “mobile office” events around the city, warning people to be aware of their surroundings and keep car keys out of sight. He also tells people not to fight back or chase after the robber.

Here is a list of the other St. Louis city carjackings in recent days:

• A woman, 44, was ordered at gunpoint to get out of her car at 11:50 p.m. Monday in the 3000 block of Ohio Avenue. The gunman and an accomplice drove away in the woman’s 2019 Kia Optima. She was unhurt.

• A man, 50, was getting out of his 2014 Ford Explorer about 8:30 p.m. Monday in the 5500 block of Maple Avenue when two young men demanded his car keys. The man ran, and the robbers chased him. The robbers pistol-whipped him and stole his keys. They took his vehicle and a firearm that was inside, police said. The victim ran to a nearby home for help; he was treated for a head injury.

• A woman, 67, was carjacked of her 2019 Lincoln Continental just before 8 p.m. Monday in the 2800 block of Samuel Shepard Drive. Two robbers drove away in her car; police had no description of them. About a half hour later, police recovered the car near Cass and Garrison avenues.

• A man, 56, was getting into his 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix about 5 a.m. Monday in the 3100 block of Meramec Street when he was carjacked. One man with a gun ordered the victim to the ground, and the gunman’s accomplice took the victim’s wallet from his pocket. Both robbers got away in the man’s Grand Prix. The victim was not hurt, police said.

• Four women in their 20s were getting inside their car about 1:15 a.m. Sunday in the 1400 block of South Vandeventer Avenue when they were carjacked at gunpoint. The robbers ordered them to get on the ground. The women complied, and the men drove off in the women’s 2011 Chevrolet Cobalt. No one was hurt.

• A man, 36, was walking toward his home about 3:25 a.m. Sunday when two gunmen came up behind him in the 4000 block of Fair Avenue and demanded his car keys and phone. The victim complied. One of the robbers drove off in the victim’s 2013 Dodge Charger; the accomplice jumped into a black SUV and got away. The victim was not hurt, police said.

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