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ST. LOUIS • The same police officer who accidentally wounded a police recruit Saturday while firing at a pit bull wounded another woman three years ago under similar circumstances.

Sources say the officer, Lavell Bell, 31, shot a 42-year-old woman in the leg in 2015 when a pit bull scaled a barricade in her home and ran toward the officer and social workers.

They were removing her 1-year-old grandson from her custody because her son, the child’s father, had been murdered in front of her Bevo Mill house days before. The dog was uninjured.

On Saturday, Bell, an officer for 6½ years, wounded a police recruit on the wrist when firing at a pit bull that police say lunged at them. They were investigating a domestic disturbance in the 7700 block of Alaska Avenue in the Carondelet neighborhood when police say a woman didn’t restrain a pit bull when she opened her door.

Public Information Officer Michelle Woodling of the St. Louis Police Department would not release the officer’s name, nor confirm he was involved in both shootings, saying the department does not release an officer’s information until the shooting investigation is complete.

Police said the recruit, a 29-year-old woman, is still set to graduate from the academy on time on Oct. 11.

The dog was picked up by the Humane Society of Missouri, but police didn’t know whether it survived.

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