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The Twitter profile of user @sports_chick1. The user later removed the photo and protected the tweets so they can only bee seen by followers.

A special education teacher at Hazelwood Central High School is on a paid suspension after someone alerted administrators to a Twitter page with profane postings, including tweets about Monday’s protest on Interstate 70.

Stacy Brixey, an employee of the Special School District of St. Louis County, was notified Tuesday that she would be on administrative leave during an investigation into the page, which has the handle @sports_chick1 and used a profile picture matching one on a Facebook page with her name. (Tuesday afternoon, the user made the Twitter account private and removed the profile photo.)

School officials were contacted on Tuesday by someone with concerns about posts on social media, allegedly posted by an employee, said Nancy Ide, spokeswoman for the Special School District.

On Monday, the user tweeted about the protesters who blocked rush-hour traffic in both directions on Interstate 70 near the Blanchette Bridge in Earth City. She complained, using profanity, that the protest was delaying someone she’d called to fix her cracked cellphone screen. She added the hashtag “#teamrunthemallover.”

The page mostly has tweets about Cardinals baseball, some of those also containing vitriol. On Monday night, the poster targeted Kansas City fans who were cheering pitcher Johnny Cueto’s home debut with the Royals. Cueto has drawn the ire of many Cardinals fans since an on-field fight in 2010 between Cueto and Jason LaRue, who was a catcher for St. Louis and retired as a result of his injury. The Twitter poster let loose with an expletive-laden diatribe against Kansas City fans.

One Twitter user wrote to @sports_chick1: “I’ll pray that you can show kindness to your enemies. You don’t need to be a potty mouth. Love your enemy. #Royals”

To which @sports_chick1 responded with another expletive.