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Ashley Jost is the higher education reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

SLU med school

The statue entitled "Caduceus," by James Muir, on the St. Louis University campus on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. The ancient caduceus symbol has sometimes been used to represent medicine. Photo by J.B. Forbes,

As part of a remediation plan with the accrediting agency that put St. Louis University's medical school on academic probation early last year, the school will hire two new quality control specialists. 

Medical school Dean Kevin Behrns announced in an email Tuesday that two positions are set to open, explaining that it aligns with a remediation plan SLU sent the Liaison Committee on Medical Education in August. 

It comes more than nine months after SLU announced the LCME put the medical school on academic probation for gaps in curriculum and inadequate policies.

At the time, the school received a list of about 20 action items identified as noncompliant, and given two years to make changes. 

The first of the two new jobs is 'Director of Continuous Quality Improvement," who will help monitor the school's efforts to improve. 

The other new job is the 'Director of Professional Oversight,' who will act in part as an ombudsperson in grievances, and be a "neutral and impartial" investigator of sorts when "unprofessional behavior between colleagues" arises.

SLU's medical school remains accredited during the probation.