Peabody Elementary School students were presented with bikes on Monday, Nov. 25, 2019. The bikes were donated to the children by Barry Bryant and Rickey Whittington, who were at the school last month for a safety fair that was held by the police for the students. Bryant, who operates Biking for Books, and Whittington, who runs the R. Whittington Foundation, brought six bikes to the safety fair they raffled off at the end of last month's event. The two men saw how much all the children in the school wanted bikes. After the raffle at the first event, they agreed on the spot to buy bikes for all the students and surprised the kids on Monday with the gifts. The safety fair was being held at the school after three children died in an apartment fire across the street from the school. "I just wanted people to know there is a blessing that can come after the tragedy," said Whittington.

Photo by David Carson,