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Students at the University of Missouri-St. Louis will soon be able to add beer brewing to their résumés.

Starting this fall, fourth-year UMSL PhD chemistry student Joseph Meisel will be leading a beer brewing class that he hopes will “demystify” science and math for students sometimes intimidated by those subject areas.

“I'm going to take something that a lot of people, especially college students, know about or think they know a lot about,” he said in a news release. “And I'm going to tell them there's actually a lot of science behind it, and this should be interesting to them.

Meisel, an enthusiastic home brewer of three years, brews small batches in five-gallon tanks.

“My initial impression was that beer brewing was really simple … I thought it might be something neat to try and use beer brewing to teach science. People don't really know how much science goes into making even a simple light beer,” he said.

Chemistry 1021 Beer Brewing: Chemical and Biochemical Principles will be available to non-science majors. Students don't have to be 21 to enroll.

Students will have the opportunity to brew different types of beers and take field trips to St. Louis-area breweries.

Koran Addo is the higher education reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Follow him on Twitter at @KoranAddo