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Signed by governor

Supplemental budget: Appropriates supplemental funding to state agencies, including the Department of Transportation and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. (HB 14)

Public school retirement: Modifies retirement allowance provisions for public school retirees. (HB 77)

Highway designation: Names a stretch of Lindbergh Boulevard in south St. Louis County after the late Rep. Cloria Brown, R-South County. (HB 448)


Abortion: Outlaws women from having an abortion after eight weeks, except in medical emergencies. Anyone found guilty of performing or inducing an abortion would be guilty of a Class B felony. (HB 126)

CAFOs: Bans counties from adopting local regulations for concentrated animal feeding operations. (SB 391)

Bridge repairs: Allows state to borrow $301 million to repair more than 200 bridges across the state. (SCR 14)

Simon’s Law: Restricts health care staff from executing a do not resuscitate order for children without verbal or written consent from at least one parent. (HB 138)

School start date: Bars school districts from starting classes earlier than 14 days before the first Monday of September. (HB 604)

Debtors prisons: Ends the practice of counties jailing people for failing to pay bills charged for their stays in jail. Also allows judges to depart from minimum sentences in non-violent cases (HB 192).

Driver’s license fees: Increases fees for driver’s licenses. (HB 499)

Higher education: Excludes state-funded colleges and universities from using state money to offer in-state tuition to immigrants with unlawful status. (HB 2)


Charter schools: Would allow charter schools to open in cities other than Kansas City and St. Louis. (SB 292)

Film tax credits: Would reinstate a tax credit program that discounted expenses for Missouri film productions. (HB 923)

Affordable housing: Would reenact the low-income housing tax credit program that former Gov. Eric Greitens halted in 2017. (SB 28)

School vouchers: Would establish a scholarship program to help parents finance their child’s elementary and high school education at a school of their choice. Would change how students transfer from low-performing districts and schools. (SB 160)

Prescription drug monitoring program: Would create an online database to track how many pills a patient buys and which pharmacies they visit. (HB 188, SB 155)

Sports betting: Would legalize sports wagering in certain circumstances. (SB 222)

Clean Missouri: Would undo new voter-approved constitutional redistricting regulations, and put previous redistricting system to a state-wide vote (HJR 48).

Title IX: Would allow cross-examination during Title IX hearings, create an external appeals process for Title IX participants. (HB 573 and SB 259)

Grain Belt: Would forbid use of eminent domain in acquiring land for the Grain Belt Express Transmission line. (HB 1062)

Guns: Would allow teachers to carry guns and permit concealed weapons in public buildings, including college campuses, child-care facilities and places of worship. (HB 575)

Initiative petitions: Would add signature fees and submission costs to filing initiative petitions, among other regulations. Would increase the number of congressional districts from which signatures must be collected, and increase the number of signatures needed. (SB 5, SJR 1)

Sunshine Laws: Would ban local public officials from accepting lobbyist gifts exceeding $5; and exempt records from disclosure that contain “advice, opinions and recommendations” that any member of a “public governmental body” receives or prepares. (HB 445)

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