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JEFFERSON CITY • Rep. Stacey Newman of Richmond Heights emerged with the tiniest of victories tonight in her race against a fellow House Democrat.

Final, unofficial tallies from St. Louis County showed Newman edging Rep. Susan Carlson of University City by one vote in the 87th District.

Newman had 1,823 votes to 1,822 votes for Carlson. The district includes parts of Clayton, Ladue, Richmond Heights, University City and Brentwood.

Newman and Carlson, who shared many views, were pitted against each other because of redistricting.

Newman said before the final vote tally was known tonight that her campaign had stressed her leadership role as head of the House Progressive Caucus.

She said the caucus had been dormant until she revived it. Given the GOP’s huge majority in the House, the group plays an important role, she said.

“You have to go that extra mile to defend the values we care about,” Newman said.

Carlson, an attorney, said earlier tonight that she had stressed her legal expertise and penchant for digging into complex issues.

"With the varied practice I've had over 30 years practicing law in lots of different areas, I think I was able to be more effective," she said.

Before the miniscule margin was known, Carlson said that, "If I don't win, I wish her well because she and I vote the same way on some of the real core issues we care about."

But given the closeness of the count, Carlson said later, ""We'll do a recount and see where it goes."

Newman and Carlson were among eight St. Louis area Democratic lawmakers who squared off today in four House districts as a result of redistricting.

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Virginia Young is the Jefferson City bureau chief for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.