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Image of cleanup

The Coast Guard is responding to three vessels that sunk on the Illinois River near Hardin, Illinois. 

Three tugboats and a deck barge have sunk on the Illinois River near Hardin, according to Coast Guard officials. 

The sinking vessels were first reported to the Coast Guard on Friday. They were at mile marker 21 on the river, and were tied together. 

The tugboats are holding about 4,850 gallons of diesel and oil, and Coast Guard employees are working with the tugboat company to clean up leaks. 

The Coast Guard assessed 11 miles of the river, deploying more than a thousand feet of oil and fuel absorbing materials to contain leaking material.

“While ensuring responder safety is always paramount, minimizing any potential environmental impact is a clear goal of the salvage effort,” said Capt. Scott Stoermer, commander of Sector Upper Mississippi River. “I am encouraged by the committed effort of the vessels’ owner.”

The Coast Guard didn't identify the owner of the tugboats in its release. The incident is being investigated.