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2020: A year to remember in photos by Colter Peterson

2020: A year to remember in photos by Colter Peterson

From the 2020: A year to remember in photos by the Post-Dispatch photo staff series

What a first year with the Post-Dispatch. I returned to the photo department in February after being an intern for six month in 2019. During my internship I fell in love with the city and the people that live here. I was excited to come back and continue telling their stories and immerse myself further in the community. 

This year has been unlike anything anyone expected and I have seen a little bit of everything from heart-wrenching to heart-warming. We have seen a global-pandemic, civil unrest and a turbulent presidential election. At the same time I have seen the community band together to support local businesses as they struggled to survive through closures and restrictions. I witnessed friends and strangers alike go out of their way to help each other through an uncertain time. 

After all of this my, feelings about the city are still the same as when I accepted my position. St. Louis is a wonderful place to live and I consider it an honor to tell the stories of the people that live here. While I haven’t been able to experience the same St. Louis I fell in love with in 2019; I look forward to when I am able to, safely, in the future. Until then, thank you everyone for welcoming me so warmly into this wonderful city. Please enjoy some of my favorite images from this unpredictable year. They aren’t all puppies and rainbows, but history never is, and if 2020 is nothing else, it is historic. 

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