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Chlorine leak

An environmental contractor helps clean up a chlorine leak Sunday, July 14, 2019, at the Berkeley swimming pool, 6400 Evergreen Boulevard. A state official estimated 200 to 250 gallons of chlorine leaked from a holding tank and that one worker was injured by it. Photo by Jesse Bogan,

The Berkeley swimming pool will reopen Saturday, after being closed for six days following a chlorine leak at the facility.

As an employee was checking the pool’s chlorine levels and preparing to shock the water early Sunday, the nozzle broke off the chlorine tank, causing the liquid to spill, according to Debra Irvin, Berkeley’s city manager.

The employee suffered skin and eye irritations, and now is at home, resting, Irvin said. No one else was harmed.

The employee was initially sent to a hospital for observation, the Post-Dispatch reported Sunday.

Responders tested the soil near the building and pulled up around 15 to 20 sewer lids to test the system for chemicals, said Mike Ruddy, on-scene coordinator with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources hazardous materials emergency response team.

The tank, which holds roughly 500 gallons of chlorine, was about three quarters full, Irvin said in an email. The tank lines and nozzle have since been replaced, and the tank was refilled.

None of the leaked chlorine went into the swimming pool.

Entrance to the Berkeley municipal pool is $1, and is free for children 5 and under and adults 50 and over.

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