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The airport has a new name — St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

The airport’s website and Twitter feed reflect that new name; the airport began using it Tuesday, said Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, the airport’s director.

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen approved the name change Oct. 14, and Mayor Francis Slay signed the bill Oct. 26 that renamed what was Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. The Federal Aviation Administration has signed off as well.

Such approvals were needed to swap Lambert and St. Louis in the airport’s name.

The airport had been Lambert-St. Louis International Airport since 1971.

Albert Bond Lambert was an aviation pioneer whose list of accomplishments includes getting St. Louis to host the 1923 International Air Races, an event that brought Charles Lindbergh here.

Lambert was one of Lindbergh’s first financial backers for his nonstop flight from New York to Paris in 1927.

Without Lambert, who sold his land at a discount to the city, the airport wouldn’t be where it is.

In August, airport leaders suggested changing the airport’s name to St. Louis International Airport at Lambert Field.

A study found that the airport’s name should emphasize St. Louis, because the airport is marketing itself nationally and internationally for passenger, cargo and other business, and that St. Louis should be the primary focus to give global audiences an instant geographic marker for the region.

Costs associated with the name change are expected to be absorbed into its ongoing operational budget, and airport employees could phase in some of the changes, such as redoing signs.

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