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MANCHESTER • A $16 million bond issue for street and sidewalk improvements, thought to be the largest in Manchester's history, is tentatively planned for the city's April 3 ballot.

Aldermen gave the measure initial approval Monday night, and the final vote will be on Dec. 18

The city administrator estimated the debt service levy for the bond issue would be about 25 cents annually, but final estimates will be announced this month. City residents paid 23.8 cents per $100 assessed valuation in total in 2016, most which was for general operations as prior bond issues have been paid down.

Those included a $6.5 million streets bond issue in 2002, and one slightly larger in 2003 used to build the police headquarters and general council and court chambers.

The new issue would pay for "constructing, reconstructing, extending, repairing and improving the city's streets and sidewalks, including acquiring any land of right of way necessary." Simple majority approval will be needed for passage

In another vote, aldermen by resolution set up a series of fines for burglar false alarms, caused by equipment failure or malfunction. The fines are to be paid by the homeowner, up to $200 for the fifth instance in a 12-month period after two warnings are issued. Enforcement will begin Jan. 1.

False alarms occur once a day or more, and are costly, particularity since the city must respond with two officers, Police Chief Tim Walsh said. The purpose of such rules is to encourage home owners to insist that their service providers maintain proper service. Some other cities in St. Louis County have had such rules in place for decades.

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