St. Louis has more than 7,000 vacant buildings, the city estimates.

Some are distinctive, sturdy brick structures that, under the right circumstances, could be candidates for rehabilitation. Others are modest structures that have long outlived their purpose. And many have stood empty and unsecured for so long that restoration is impractical. 

No matter their condition, each of these buildings has a story — even if it's known only to the people who lived in them.

A search of the archives of the Post-Dispatch and the Missouri Historical Society yielded a handful of old photographs of a few of the buildings currently on the city's list of vacant buildings.

Curious, we wanted to see what they looked like today — and figured you would too.

Most of these buildings are Land Reutilization Authority properties. The rest are privately held, including the collapsing structure on Glasgow Avenue, which is owned by developer Paul McKee's NorthSide Regeneration LLC. 

Want to learn more? A recently launched website shows vacant and abandoned buildings in the city of St. Louis. To search it, go to 

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