So you think you know baseball? Try to identify the logos of major league baseball teams from a small detail of the image. Play ball!

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1. At one time, this storied franchise was known as the Perfectos. Beginning this year, the team’s uniforms will feature the name of the city instead of the name of the franchise.
Wrong.Right. The St. Louis Cardinals. The bird-on-the-bat logo is an indication that this team is very talon-ted. (I’m sorry, Mr. Musial.)
2. Do not adjust your set. This dizzying detail comes from the logo of a franchise with no retired numbers (other than Jackie Robinson’s 42.) The team’s ballpark is named after a brewery.
Wrong.Right. Colorado Rockies. The Rockies mascot is named Dinger, but there is a proposal to rename it Mary Jane.
3. The first Wild Card to win a World Series, this team’s new stadium features aquariums behind home plate and a Bobblehead Museum. The franchise’s mascot is named Billy.
Wrong.Right. Miami Marlins. The Billy the Marlin bobblehead is virtually a bobblehead of a bobblehead.
4. This is the only major league franchise to win World Series championships in three different home cities. Be wary of scalpers before their games.
Wrong.Right. The Braves won titles in Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta. Those were the homes of the Braves.
5. Last year, this team became the first in major league history to win and lose perfect games in the same year. It’s one of three MLB teams owned by a corporation.
Wrong.Right. The Seattle Mariners are owned by Nintendo. They have had two Marios play for them (Mendoza and Diaz), but no Luigis.
6. This team had the worst single season record since the majors began the 162-game schedule, losing 120 and finishing 60 games out of first. Seven years later, miraculously, they won the World Series.
Wrong.Right. The awful 1962 Mets, prompted manager Casey Stengel to ask, “Can’t anybody here play this game?” Sure, they could play. They just couldn’t win.
7. This team has sold out every home game since 2003, but that streak will likely end this month. “Mayday” Malone pitched under Coach Ernie Pantusso for this team from 1972 to 1978.
Wrong.Right. “Cheers” to the Boston Red Sox for offering $5 beers to attract fans to the early-season games to try to extend the streak.
8. This was the first major league franchise to draw more than 4 million fans in a season and they did it three years in a row. It helped that they won the World Series two of those years.
Wrong.Right. The Toronto Blue Jays were originally owned by the Labatt Brewing Co. Appropriately, Labatt is French for “the bat,” unless I am la wrong.
9. This franchise has retired 15 uniform numbers, more than any other team. When this logo was created in 1947, the team had players named Snuffy, Spec, Spud and Bobo. And they still won the World Series.
Wrong.Right. The New York Yankees have won 27 World Series titles, four more than the entire NL Central Division combined. But that’s counting the Cubs.
10. This team is named after a horse show and rodeo held in the city since 1899. And the franchise has minor league affiliations with teams named the Storm Chasers, the Naturals and the Blue Rocks.
Wrong.Right. Kansas City Royals. The American Royal Horse Show features Halter and Performance Classes. Coincidentally, that’s a chapter in “Fifty Shades of Grey.”
11. This franchise won the World Series in its fourth season (the fastest by any expansion team.) A pitcher for this team won the Cy Young Award 4 years in a row (‘99-’02)
Wrong.Right. Arizona Diamondbacks. Randy Johnson threw a no-hitter and a perfect game, and got a memorable hole-in-one birdie on one pitch.
12. This franchise has lost more games than any other in the history of American professional sports. Due to the team’s futility, its fanatic fans are known for drowning their sorrows in boos.
Wrong.Right. The Philadelphia Phillies have lost almost 10,400 games since 1883. Plenty of reason for booze.
13. This franchise was established in 1887 but didn’t have a Rookie of the Year winner until 2004. This team holds the record for the longest string of losing seasons in U.S. pro sports history.
Wrong.Right. The Pittsburgh Pirates have not had a winning season since 1992. Maybe the polka-dot-bandana-wearing mascot has something to do with that.
14. This team was originally named after a gun (or a malt liquor.) Although no player in the Hall of Fame represents this franchise, it has retired nine former players’ numbers.
Wrong.Right. The Houston Astros were the Colt .45s as an expansion team in 1962. After that, they were named after fake grass.
15. After finishing dead last 9 out of 10 years, the franchise exorcised a demon and appeared in the World Series the following year. This team is featured in “The Rookie” starring Dennis Quaid.
Wrong.Right. Tampa Bay Rays dropped the Devil from Devil Rays in 2007 then dropped the World Series in 2008 to the Phillies.
QUIZ BY: Tom Borgman
SOURCES: AP photos