To celebrate the 50th birthday of the Gateway Arch, give this quiz a spin. Try to identify these 13 landmarks based on a Google satellite image of the surrounding area.

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1. Start with an easy one. This landmark is an inverted catenary curve that is the tallest man-made monument in the U.S. and the tallest stainless steel structure in the world. What is it?
Wrong.Right. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Finnish designer Eero Saarinen really put the Arch in architecture.
2. This natural landmark has been a popular honeymoon destination for generations. Over the years, many people have had a barrel of fun here, while other visitors get misty-eyed. Where is this?
Wrong.Right. Niagara Falls is actually made up of three waterfalls including Bridal Veil Falls. Which is exactly what happens when the couple gets to the Honeymoon Suite.
3. This landmark was featured in a classic Alfred Hitchcock movie featuring Cary Grant. This land was seized by the U.S. government from the Lakota tribe in 1876. What photogenic landmark is this?
Wrong.Right. Mount Rushmore. We tend to take this iconic work of art for granite.
4. This landmark stands (literally) on an island that was originally called Bedloe’s Island. The inscription “JULY IV MDCCLXXVI” appears on a tablet here. What is this?
Wrong.Right. The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. Although technically, she is a Jersey girl.
5. This 22,000 sq. ft. residence on a 5.3 acre spread was built in 1927 and appraised at $54 million in 2011. You might meet a mate at one of the legendary parties hosted by the famous owner. What home is this?
Wrong.Right. The Playboy mansion in L.A. Hef fulfilled the American dream by dating The Girls Next Door. Every one of them. At the same time.
6. This landmark is the largest office building (by floor area) in the world. The Postal Service established six ZIP Codes for the building and it has its own police department. What landmark is this?
Wrong.Right. The Pentagon. The exterior of the building is concrete and limestone, but inside there's a lot of brass.
7. This popular tourist destination was visited by several U.S. presidents besides Harry Truman (FDR, DDE, JFK). The party town hosts the annual Fantasy Fest around Halloween. Where is this?
Wrong.Right. Key West, Fla.; just 90 miles from Cuba but a gazillion miles from reality.
8. This landmark was prominently featured in an early James Bond movie, although they were not allowed to film inside the building. It is named after the first U.S. Secretary of War. What landmark is it?
Wrong.Right. The gold bullion depository at Fort Knox, Ky. Unlike the film, the Army actually provides security galore.
9. This spot is a landmark in aviation history and is featured on the back of a U.S. quarter commemorating its home state. This location was chosen because of its prevailing wind currents. Where is this?
Wrong.Right. Orville Wright’s first flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C. covered 120 feet in 12 seconds. Barely enough time to eat that little bag of peanuts.
10. This Las Vegas luxury hotel opened in 1998 on the site of the original Dunes Hotel. It was featured prominently in “Ocean’s Eleven” and “The Hangover.” What strip landmark is this?
Wrong.Right. The Bellagio Hotel and its dancing fountains. What happens in Vegas? Sprays in Vegas.
11. Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, this west coast landmark is often featured in “Grey’s Anatomy.” Originally, it was home to the Emerald Suite restaurant. The new restaurant is SkyCity. What is this landmark?
Wrong.Right. Seattle’s Space Needle cost $4.5 million to build. At that price, Bill Gates could buy 14,667 Space Needles.
12. This southern landmark is now a museum and offers tours that include the famous Jungle Room and pink Cadillac. But the second floor is off limits to the public. What is this landmark?
Wrong.Right. Graceland, at 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis. Elvis died in the 2nd floor bathroom, but they don’t let you see The King’s throne.
13. This famous thoroughfare has seen its share of Hurricanes. Known for its bars and entertainment, many visitors collect necklaces they acquire here. Where do they let the good times roll?
Wrong.Right. Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter can be an intimidating place with so many drunken boobs hanging around.
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QUIZ BY: Tom Borgman
SOURCES: Google satellite images; AP photos
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